Helen Charlotte Photos | Cango Caves Outdshoorn

Cango Caves | Outdshoorn, South Africa

August 2019

Quality time is my love language, and more specifically I love taking weekend trips away to explore new places. When my husband asks what I want for my birthday, the answer is always ‘a weekend away’.

Last year, he was particularly busy in the time leading up to August. Because of this, we devised a plan for me to put in the research and find a handful of interesting spots to visit. This left him the sole task of choosing one and booking it. I highly recommend this unique way to organise a trip, as it was still a birthday surprise for me, but I could get super excited in the lead up knowing the places he was choosing from. Win-win on both ends.

Outdshoorn was the destination of choice and it couldn’t have been better. We had the most gorgeous lodge stay, visited a quaint wine farm, went cycling around the town, hiked up to a waterfall and swam in the pools beneath it. With all of these memorable activities spoken for, the last place to visit – that never fails to disappoint – is the great Cango Caves.

These unassuming caves are located just outside of Outdshoorn. Even until starting the tour, one has no idea of the magnificence that awaits, with just a small entrance leading into huge underground chambers. My husband had never been, so I had the excitement of seeing him experience all the beauty through a first-timer’s perspective.

I put my camera away for most of the trip, but here is my glimpse into the Cango Caves, Outdshoorn.

Location: Cango Caves, Outshoorn  |  Accommodation: De Zeekoe Guest Lodge  (We rate them five stars!)  |  Wine Farm: Karusa  |  Waterfall: Rust-en-Vrede Waterfall