Helen Charlotte Photos - Houseboat Lake Kariba

Houseboat | Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

December 2018

When it comes to editing my own ‘personal’ work, it seems a year and a half is the going timeframe – hah! But in all seriousness, late is better than never for the beauty that this amazing place has to offer. Being on a houseboat in Kariba is up with the most incredible experiences in the world and should be on everyone’s bucket list. If tranquility, wildnerness and long, hot afternoons sound like your thing, Lake Kariba is the place to visit.

Houseboats are big, so they provide the best opportunity to gather your nearest and dearest and spend a few days of uninterrupted quality time. After boarding, the boat is driven for several hours to find a quiet place to stop for the night – hopefully in the vicinity of some of the animal residents that call the national park home (think ellies, hippos, buffalos, zebras, crocodiles… and sometimes even lions). The lake is over 220kms wide so once away from the shore, you really do feel the solitude with the nature that surrounds you.

A typical day is spent watching the sunrise on an early morning fishing expedition, then coming back for a cool shower and a bite to eat. The rest of the day involves relaxing on-board however you see fit:- playing cards, taking a dip in the splash pool, laying in the sun or enjoying the delicious food prepared by the on-board chefs. My favourite evening activity is to take a game-watching, sundowner cruise with a Flying Fish in hand and the most extraordinary sunsets day after day. The night is topped off by a beautifully prepared dinner and sleeping in a mosquito net under the stars.

I’m so thankful to have lived near this incredible place and had the privilege of experiencing its wonders as many times as I have. I’m hoping that this year (post-pandemic) allows the opportunity to share in its joys again.

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