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There’s extraordinary magic in you

The everyday kind of magic—love. No filters or pretence. Just tender moments of reality.
Telling these unique stories lights me up; each memoir as remarkable as the next.
Adventure with me to chronicle your memories. It would be an honour.
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My parents gifted me my first polaroid camera when I was nine years old.

I spent the summer begging for more of the ten-photo film rolls to pack into the bulky frame. Later in my teen years, my point-and-shoot never left my side—much to many of my unwitting subjects’ displeasure.
Naturally, it only made sense to invest in my first DSLR camera when I finished my creative degree, and the reason you’re reading this is history.
Documenting the beauty of the world has always been dear to my heart.  I seek the raw and unposed; giddy laughter, tears of joy, sweet tenderness. I seek the magic.
Helen Charlotte Photos | Cape Town Photographer | Documenting Love

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Allow me into your world. We’ll capture the beauty together.