Helen Charlotte Photos | Zoli & Todor | Signal Hill Engagement Shoot

Zoli & Todor

Signal Hill  –  July 2019

When I met Zoli & Todor, I could instantly tell this Signal Hill engagement shoot would be one for the books. With rain foreboding and cancellation imminent, we precariously met on the gorgeous slopes of Signal Hill, only to be greeted with sunshine, pink skies and Table Mountain in all her glory – table cloth and all.

Zoli & Todor have a spunky kind of love. Throughout their engagement shoot session they grooved to music only they could hear, belly-laughed to inside jokes and had no problem frolicking up the sides of the mountain while I captured their love. They complement each other so perfectly, it’s no wonder they’ve chosen to spend forever together. I wish them continued laughter & love for eternities to come.