Helen Charlotte Photos | The Wild Family | Mukuvisi Woodlands

The Wild Family

Mukuvisi Woodlands   –   December 2018

Taking an afternoon stroll in Mukuvisi Woodlands is one of the better ways to spend an afternoon in Harare, but when you get to do it with one of the most lovely families in town it comes pretty close to perfect. The sun’s golden rays shone though the woodland trees and created a scene almost as special as little Noah’s grin and giggle from in front of my lens. He was the happiest bub all the way through our shoot and even beyond it, giving me cuddles as we all walked back to the gate.

With original Beatrix Potter books passed down from his Great-Grandmother and the cutest baby booties on his chunky toes, this shoot is one I will always treasure. Getting to watch families evolve is one of the most beautiful and rewarding parts of my job and I can’t wait to follow little Noah as he grows into a toddler and beyond. Thank you to Dan & Rich for such a special afternoon.