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The Lucas Family

Home Session, Harare  –  August 2018

I don’t think I’ve cooed or ahhhhed through any other shoot as much as this home session with Nicole, Kyle and their gorgeous little girl, Ava Zoey Lucas. Just a few short months ago, I shot the Lucas’ maternity shoot at Haka Game Park which is still one of my  favourite shoots to date. I didn’t think the beauty could get any greater until I met little Ava. At just three weeks old she is a wonderful little bundle of cuteness overload.

Between snoozing, feeding and gazing up with her big burly eyes I was loving capturing the tiny details of her first few weeks on this earth. Mum and Dad were pretty cute too, with a calm joy and love for their little girl so evidently radiated by them both. I knew in their maternity shoot that these two would be incredible parents, and I was certainly right. Watching people bring children into the world really is one of the most amazing things.