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The Flowers’ Maternity Shoot

Constantia  –  March 2020

Stillness, joy and peace. Three words that come to mind when I think of the Flowers’ gorgeous maternity shoot. In the tumultuousness of the unknown times we are living through, our session came close to not happening. Despite the external chaos, Ryan and Tracy met me with beams of joy written on their faces, excitement in their hearts and an evident inner peace that exuded from their presence.

We took a stroll together through forests of green to celebrate the growing little life soon to arrive in the world. Not a care from the outside could be witnessed as Tracy danced in dappled light and Ryan quietly smiled at his wife and budding daughter from a distance. The two took a few moments of thankfulness in the still quiet for the precious gift of life entrusted to their hands. I truly couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to spend an autumn evening than sharing in the love of such beautiful people and the One who made it all.