Helen Charlotte Photos | Peter & Larissa | Century City Maternity Shoot

Peter & Larissa

Century City  –  September 2019

When I met Peter and Larissa for their Century City maternity shoot, I couldn’t have been happier that they had been nominated. Larissa’s sister put her name forward to honour her for all she does for those around her. This giving and selfless nature was so evident by the joyous person that met me on a pretty spring evening. The mother city truly showed off her colours, giving us the most beautiful sunset along with the afternoon breeze.

Peter and Larissa are gleefully awaiting the arrival of their first baby. It is clear to see that this little one will most certainly be blessed to have such lovely parents. The happy couple and I got to know one another as we strolled along the walkways of Century City. Picturesque canals and vibrant wetlands formed our beautiful backdrop. I couldn’t be more excited for the new chapter of life these two are stepping into. I know that they will be incredible parents.