Nabeelah & Anwar

Stellenbosch  –  24th November 2019

The 24th November was a day filled with windswept beauty, bubbly chaos and above all, a whole lot of love. What a privilege it was to be involved in Nabeelah and Anwar’s beautiful Stellenbosch wedding day.

The scene was set amongst the picturesque landscape of strawberries and vineyards. Pretty girls in white tuille. Handsome boys in little waistcoats. The glowing couple in all their newlywed glory. A bright sunny day with some of that well known Cape breeze sweeping through.

Nabeelah and Anwar took a few moments to take in their freshly spoken commitment to one another, while kiddies chased up and down the vineyards. A curious cricket decided to get involved, gracing the camera for a minute or two before hopping away to continue his day. From the tiniest details to the big picture of marriage, this Stellenbosch wedding was a special day to behold.

Venue: Forest44 | Bride’s Hair: Nurjehaan Israel | Bride’s Make-Up: Make-Up by Annelize