Helen Charlotte Photos | Kate & Luke | Maternity shoot at Glen Beach

Kate and Luke

Maternity Shoot

Kate and Luke’s maternity shoot at Glen Beach was magical in so many ways. Cape Town, as usual, was doing her utmost to show off, covering Glen Beach with a whimsical ocean haze that cast beautiful long beams of the autumn light. Mostly though, it was the luminous smile radiating from Kate as she cradled the gorgeous bump of her belly while Luke gazed lovingly on.

It was so special to be able to capture the last moments of solitude between the lovely (almost) parents on their visit down from England. Their love seemed effortless and unspoken, giving me the sneaky suspicion they will be already seasoned parents to their baba when the little life chooses to enter the world. I can’t wait to meet the sweet one and do this all over again later in the year.