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The Jamal Family

Tokai Forest Maternity Shoot

It’s a rarity to meet a couple and feel a tangible peace and calm in their presence. This was the case when I met Sapna and Abdulwagied for their Tokai Forest maternity shoot. Having self-professed as “awkward”, they proved to be the furthest from it. They breathed in the warm spring sunlight and took in their last moments as two before their special little girl makes her entry into the world.

Sapna exuded radiance. Her quiet joyfulness and palpable care for her husband and unborn baby could easily be seen from afar. It added beauty to her already glowing form. I’m so excited for these once high-school sweethearts to venture into the world of parenthood hand in hand. If our meeting was anything to go by, they are going to be outstanding parents.