Hannah & Charlie

Family Shoot  – Rondebosch Common –  January 2023

I’ve decided it should be mandatory for all little ones to have photos taken with their granny. I say it so often, but this Rondebosch Common family shoot truly was one of my favourites. We were gifted with a perfect afternoon setting, swept with streams of gold light and the warm whisper of a summer breeze. But most importantly, my subject matter included a special little boy and his doting granny. A recipe for the best baked memory pie.

A safe, happy energy spilled over from Hannah; the kind only a grandmother can possess, and one that made me beam smiles from behind my lens. Charlie happily adventured through the tall grass, finding sticks to bring along on the journey, always stopping to look back to Granny as his guide. They made hand kisses in the sunset as Charlie screeched with delight from tickles and squeezes. How grateful I am to witness and document these meaningful moments.