Haka Game Park - Debbie & Hannes

Debbie & Hannes

Haka Game Park  –  October 2018

I don’t have enough beautiful words to say about this special couple. Not only is their love something to be admired, but I get to call them both amazing friends. The pair are from South Africa, lived briefly in Zimbabwe and have now moved on to Lebanon. My husband and I had the privilege of spending an afternoon out at the tranquil Haka Game Park with Debbie and Hannes, before using it as the picturesque backdrop of their couple shoot.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day, with sunny clear skies and colourful clouds that pulled in just in time for the golden sunset. These wonderful spirits never stop laughing together and spreading the loveliness of their hearts with those around them. I loved this day, am so happy to have had the chance to capture their love, and – most of all – blessed to know them.  //  Location: Haka Game Park