Dan & Lex

Domboshava   –   June 2017

On a cloudy, wintery afternoon in Harare, I had the privilege of capturing a couple shoot up Domboshava with Dan, Lex and their cute dog Charlie. This gorgeous couple have been married for just under two years and are currently in the process of emigrating, forcing them to live on two different continents. This does not stop the lovely duo from celebrating their love, and on a recent trip back to Zimbabwe, I got to capture it all.

With the Persian rug they got married on in hand, and a watchful eye over the mischievous Charlie (who was in his element to be let off-leash), the pair lovingly made the climb before settling at the top to laugh and chat. With no-one else around, it really felt as if they were the only people in the world with nothing but love for one another. It was a beautiful afternoon to witness, and one I won’t forget!